Determine the period for which you wish to calculate the net profit of the enterprise. Can take for such calculation period year, quarter or month.
Calculate the net profit using the following formula: Net profit of the enterprise = financial profit + gross profit + other operating profit – tax deduction.
Please note that the indicators for the calculation you need to take for the period of time over which you choose to calculate.
Can calculate the amount of net income and other means. It is necessary to use indicators from the financial statements. In this case, the net profit of the enterprise is formed on the account in accounting "Profit and loss".
Determine the gross profit. For this you will need the following amounts: revenue for the required period and the value of the cost of production. To calculate the gross profit of firm subtract from the first coefficient of the second.
Find the sum of operating profit. It is defined in the form of the difference of all other operating expenses and income. In turn, in order to calculate the financial profit, we must subtract from the amount of financial income costs in this category.
Calculate the net profit after the payment of necessary indicators. If you get a value with a negative sign "-", it will mean that the enterprise during the analyzed time period suffered losses.
Can form net profit of the retained earnings. In this case, it is calculated as the difference between the book profitu, which is subject to taxation and the value of tax deductions subject to the usual company benefits.
Check the values obtained. They should be equal, because you expected the same indicator in different ways. If the sums do not add up, so in the calculations an error was made.