You will need
  • - accounting data on revenues for the period;
  • - accounting data on other income for the period;
  • - the accounting program or calculator.
The main source of income is usually income from its ordinary activities. They recognized revenue from sales of goods, performance of works, rendering of services. Revenue understand the amount in rubles, for which a transaction was made. This amount must be specified in the agreement and documents confirming fulfillment of conditions of the contract. The fact of payment does not matter. Therefore, to determine basic income we need to calculate the revenue of the organization.
To calculate the other income need to add the following types of income: income from non-core activities, including the sale of fixed assets and materials; positive exchange differences; the receipt of interest on the loans; revenues from the provision of the enterprise's assets for temporary use and other revenues established by section III of PBU 9/99 "Incomes of the organization".
To calculate the total income of the company is to add revenues from ordinary activities and other income.
Sometimes the income mean the income of the company. This is incorrect. To calculate profit organization, we need to count all of its expenditures aimed at obtaining economic benefits. From the income we must deduct the expenses. The resulting amount is the profit of the company for the period under review.