Contain protein at home - but should I?

кормить белку

However, it should be well thought before to have a squirrel at home. Do not be fooled – this is not a cat and not a dog, and it is as close contact as with the usual Pets, will not work. Protein quickly enough gets used to the person who feeds it, but overall remains completely indifferent to it. You only to offer you the stern. Do not try to change it.
It is known that the full manual is only one animal out of 10. Protein will not allow myself to squeeze and stroke – can be quite biting. Adult animals are half wild - well if they will take food from your hands.
The best thing you can do for fluffy forest beautiful is to love and admire them at a distance.

If you certainly want to have a house squirrel, consider purchasing a specially tamed squirrel. Adult animals are very difficult to adapt to life in the apartment.

How to keep a squirrel in the apartment

белизна и перекись водорода для бассейна отзывы

For keeping the animal, you'll need a spacious metal cage, aviary and the best possible sizes in cramped cages squirrels don't live long.

The enclosure can be installed on the balcony or, if you live in a private house, in the yard, in the open air. Equip inside the nest where the animal will sleep. For this purpose suitable conventional wooden box with a circular hole. As bedding you can use cut to pieces an old Terry towel or pieces of fur.

To the wall of the cage or enclosure attach the feeder. There should be two for dry and wet food. If this is a simple saucer, which is also quite acceptable, put in the area that the animal they flipped out. The cage or aviary must be cleaned more often – at least 2-3 times a week. Squirrel selection have a rather pungent smell. Without frequent cleaning is not necessary. Wash the feeder daily. Cell for prevention once a week asprivate boiling water. For odor, use a mild solution of potassium permanganate or chlorine.

Contrary to popular belief, the wheel is not necessary, without it it is possible to do. Better install inside the enclosure all sorts of branches, twigs, driftwood, on which the animal will jump and climb – so protein prefers to satisfy the need for movement. In addition, it is necessary to grind off their rather sharp claws.

From time to time you can release the squirrel run around the room. In this case you have to her someone was watching, otherwise many necessary things with ease will be transformed into a piece of junk.
Protein samples on the tooth everything she comes across. Uncontrolled walk can even be dangerous. For example, whites do not distinguish wires from the branches and can easily chew.

Food protein 2 times a day. The main ones are plant food. Squirrels love seeds of pine and spruce, fruits and berries, raisins, nuts, fresh and dried mushrooms, eating the buds and shoots of trees, pumpkin seeds and sunflower vegetables for example carrots, I love cheese and cheese. But water drink juices and milk. In natural conditions they eat bird eggs and insects. Fresh eggs can be given raw, but for prophylaxis, it is better to cook hard boiled. In winter succulent feed, you can add a little honey, and 1 once a week oil solutions of vitamins A, D and E. it is Impossible to give anything fried or baked, as well as candy and other sweets. Clean water should always be.

And still, the best option to close a communication man with a squirrel is to put animals on a country or a plot or attract them there, which is quite possible.