You will need
  • - scissors
  • - Libra
  • toe
  • - Scotch
  • - disposable plastic bag
  • - "stuffing" for the ball. It can be grains or small metal objects without sharp edges
First, we need to determine the mass of our ball. One hundred and fifty grams for our ball will be enough. Take the scales, measure out 150 grams of the chosen filler (let it be buckwheat) and pour the filler into a disposable plastic bag, tying it tight. Now place the bag of buckwheat in the sock, and the sock will turn into a roll.
To our hacky sack kept its shape and not fall apart during the game, roll up his good Scotch from time to time changing the direction of winding. Should not keen on winding the tape, and then the ball will be too tight and uncomfortable for the game. By the way, to wind the tape better not once, but several separate pieces. Then if our ball mess, we will just rewind a couple of pieces of Scotch tape and reel in their place, new and clean.
In the end, we should get a small ball about 5-6 inches in diameter. And the whole process with developed skill is no more than 5 minutes.