You will need
  • For the manufacture of the bits you'll need block of wood of ash, maple or beech wood and carpenter tools, furniture or yacht varnish.
First of all, you should know that the size of baseball bats are strictly limited by the rules of the game. If you are going to admire not only his bat, but also play baseball, you will certainly keep the exact dimensions in the manufacture of bits. In length it should be 106.7 cm and diameter of 7 cm.
The first thing you need to buy a wooden block. This can be done on any construction market. Select a bar below the dimensions were several inches longer than the size of the future bits.
After you have bought wooden blank, you can start cutting bits out of it. How you do it depends on your abilities and skills of work with joiner's tool. Some people will need a small hatchet to give the workpiece the desired shape, and someone will use a chisel and hammer. The main thing at this stage is to adhere to the forms of bits. Her arm should be two to three times thinner than the thickest portion of the bat, and be at least 4 cm in length, and the edges should be rounded.
The next step after shaping the bit is set, it will be grinding. With sandpaper, you should sand the workpiece to impart a perfect smoothness. You can do this both manually and using power tools.
When a bit is ready, it will only have to cover it with varnish. Varnish should be applied in several layers. After you double-varnish the bat, it is necessary to sand it using fine sand paper. This way you will smooth out rising from the surface of the wood "pile". You can now apply one or two coats of varnish and give it to dry completely.