To dull inappropriately surging appetite, try to drink a glass of warm boiled water. Many people confuse feelings of hunger and thirst, they do sometimes match my feelings. Moreover, warm water can temporarily "trick" the stomach, which will decide what saturated. This is very useful if you are in a place where there is no food, or are on a diet. However, if after 15 minutes your hunger is still not disappear - it's time for the table, the body is really abouthunger, huh.
Analyze your emotional state. Often the feeling of hunger caused due to stress. The fact that stress promotes the release of the hormone cortisol, which, in turn, prevents to produce the satiety hormone leptin. That's why you sometimes after experiencing the excitement of think that you three days did not eat and ready to swallow the elephant, in fact, the brain does not receive information that the stomach is full. In order to suspend the production of cortisol, try to do breathing exercises. Alternate deep breaths with the breathing delays. Repeat such exercises constantly, and "stress" hunger will not torment you.
So, if you are convinced that you still want to eat, try to drink oxygen cocktails. Besides its healthful qualities, he is struggling with hunger, because the bubbles fill your stomach, saturating it. In addition, oxygen cocktail is useful to drink after a workout, as it quenches thirst and reduces the production of lactic acid.
If you are home - go to the shower. But at the same time catch with a foam or shampoo with the scent of vanilla, because, according to scientists, the smell dulls the sense of hunger. You can also smell the vanilla. The fact is that while inhaling sweet odors brain secretes the same substances (neuropeptides) that the consumption of sweet food. Therefore, if you smell a sweet smell long enough, the body will decide that he was fed a delicious cake and at the time we cease to ask there.