If fast food is not for you, pay attention to what you eat during the day. If you choose the right products, you can control the feeling of hunger, and it will not catch you off guard. During the day, give preference to lean meat, vegetables, whole wheat bread. For Breakfast you can eat porridge, carbohydrates will slowly be broken down, and the feeling of hunger will come soon.If you felt hungry, suddenly, buy (or bring from home) some nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews). 20-30 grams is enough to satisfy the hunger and some time to eat normally.
It is useful in your bag will be delicious green Apple. It is much healthier sandwiches and burgers, but hunger wins to cheer. In addition, apples contains fiber, which has a positive effect on digestion.
Dried fruit is also a great and bright idea for an unscheduled snack. They will not harm the figure (if you eat them in reasonable quantities) and saturate the body with useful substances. A few pieces of dried apricots and prunes - and you're back in shape!
If you eat very quickly, literally on the go - make a choice in favor of drinking yoghurt. Its creators deliberately up, pour a delicious drink in a bottle is a very convenient way to satisfy your hunger.
To satisfy the hunger of great help green tea. It is enough to drink only a small Cup and "live" until the next meal will be.