Let's start with the fact that it's not so much the hunger as in the increased attention of losing weight person this feeling. To cope with this problem, you must listen to at least some of the following tips:

1. Best Breakfast – slow carbohydrates (cereals, bread, cereal). They give a great feeling of satiety and provide the body with all necessary nutrients to of fullness and forces sufficed until lunch, especially if you do not have time for a snack.

2. Add some food intakes of fiber will help to stop the chain of overeating, since it contributes to the rapid saturation of even small portions of food. In addition, passing through the intestines, it is not absorbed and pulls along with a polluting of the intestine particles.

3. You need to be prepared for sudden unbearable desire to chew on something, when the hand does not prove anything diet. For snacking are excellent fresh vegetables, fruit, granola bars, yogurt and dried fruit mixes.

4. Because people often confuse thirst and hunger, it is better not to lash out immediately for food, feeling some urgency, and to have a drink first a glass of clean water – that should be enough to calm the stomach and mind. If this does not help, drinking water, passing through the digestive system, run it and properly prepare for the adoption of food that promotes better digestion. Instead of water you can also drink any hot tea – not only do they have practically zero calories, but perfectly satisfy hunger and thirst and have a lot of positive qualities.

5. A good way to overcome the desire for something to eat is aromatherapy. Scented candles and essential oils will be of great help.

6. Physical exercise are able not only to blunt the feeling of hunger, but shoo it away, charging with positive energy and desire to move forward, not stopping and not looking back! It's not necessary to go to the gym or to exhaust yourself with workouts – at least enough to twist half an hour in the Hoop.

7. To sleep was strong and not overshadowed by malnutrition, can be a good to steam in the evening in the bath with oils, sea salt, or delicate foam.