You will need
  • a piece of cloth (the seller-the consultant will give me the right amount of fabric depending on the size of the blankets, pillows and mattress), scissors, thread, sewing machine.
Measure the length (long side, let it be equal in all cases (X) and width (short side, let its length be Y): pillows, duvets and mattress that you are going to sew bed linen.
Make a template for the pillowcase on the pillow. For this you need to find the rectangle with sides: one = length X pillowcases, second = Y+Y+20cm. An additional 20 cm is needed in order to sewn version of this piece of fabric, folded inside a pillowcase formed a kind of valve, which includes the inside part of the cushion. Then the pillow will not be unsightly stick out of the pillowcase and will be dressed in this kind of valve envelope. Don't forget to leave the edges of the seam based on the fact that the pillow should not be tightly wrapped in a pillow case, that is, the sides need another 2-3 extra centimeters.
Fold the blank pillowcases for the size of pillows, and the balance of 20 cm tuck inside (this will be the same valve envelope). Prostrochite two sides on the sewing machine with the wrong side. Pillow case ready.
Prepare the workpiece for a duvet cover. To do this, take a break from a fabric rectangle twice the size of the blankets. Don't forget to leave the sides of the seam 2-3 cm.
On the sewing machine pristrochite rectangles to each other on all four sides (you can cut out the blank so that one side of the duvet cover was a fold line and didn't need the connection), leaving with sides of length (X)of one of them in the middle of the unsewn hole with a length of about 40 cm - it is necessary in order to through it inside the duvet cover to stick the blanket. The duvet cover is ready.
Prepare the pattern for the sheets: in sizes of mattress add 20 cm on each side, that is, it must be 40 cm long and 40 cm wider than the mattress on which to sleep a child. This is necessary in order to bend the sheet under the mattress, because it should not slip while sleeping on the surface and uncomfortable for the baby.
Fold the edges of the future bed sheet twice at 5-7 mm and stitch this hem them on the sewing machine. A sheet for children's beds ready.