You will need
  • -Internet;
  • money.
  • -flowers.
Day gift birthday dad choose to heed his wishes, tastes and habits. Best thing to do is not the last day. Shopping, browse Internet pages and find something special and original. The choice of gift entirely depends on the preferences of the person. If your father is a man of pragmatic, choose a useful gift. If he has a hobby, it is worth spending time and money to complete your collection of unusual specimen or to present to the father the rod of the newest model.
Perhaps your father is a kind, creative and romantic. Then the perfect gift would be tickets to the theater or to a concert. Obviously, you should give them in advance to the Day of the birth of the hero of the occasion held in a creative atmosphere. For someone who works a lot, as a gift fit for the trip to the rest home.
When giving a gift try to say those words that will assure father in your feelings for him. It is possible that the greetings will be more appropriate not well-known poems, and several proposals prepared for the Pope. It is not necessary to do a distinct focus on how many years the hero of the occasion. After all the fun and celebration is not the place for reflections on age and fast period of time.
Prepare a bouquet specially for dad. Children can opt for colors that will "speak" about certain things. Maybe these flowers you remember from childhood. And maybe a bouquet of wild plants will remind the father about how he took kids on trips into the countryside.
If the father lives very far away, don't forget to call him on the Day of the birth as soon as possible that he felt about him, remember and think. But it is best to still try to come to the Pope, after the visit of the children has always been and remains for parents the best gift.