You will need
  • Colored paper, glue, clay, scissors, yarn for knitting, knitting needles or hook
Very small children can "donate" dad imprint or a mold of their hands. This gift will long remind you about the holiday. If the child is still only about two or three years, you can make beautiful three-dimensional card. Fold the paper in half, draw with a pencil on the front side a drawing that your child will decorate for dad. This will help the colored paper.
Narva paper into small pieces and roll with your child in the balls. Then the beads stick to the glue stick, a hollow figure. This gift will not only be bright and unusual, this activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills of the child. A postcard like this can be done Ablaev drawing with plasticine.
Older children can perform with their hands more intricate gifts. For example, my daughter can tie the cover on the mug. To do this, enter the number of loops, which coincides with the height of mugs. Tie the strip in length with a circle stitch in the round. And the case is ready, with this mug dad will not burn your skin with boiling water.
Dad will also appreciate creative gifts, because they can put his heart and soul, and it is no less valuable. Write a poem for dad. If poetry that you contact difficult to compose with the child a story in which the dad will be the main character and will win someone evil at the end of the tale. Write down your story on a piece of paper and decorate with clippings from magazines or just by the application of colored paper.
Whichever gift you gave your dad or husband from the child, it will be stored for many years in the place of honor and cause pleasant emotions in the soul of the birthday boy. The most important thing is love and attention with which you make it.