If the Church has Sunday school for children, along with her students you can think of pageant-congratulations father's day angel. Participants: lead (older child, 13-14 years), two travelers (children 10 years), girl (8 years old) and one adult, who will play the angel. In the scenario played out the story of the traveler, who was carrying a heavy burden-patience, carrying no murmurs, for which he was rewarded by the fact that the Lord had given him an angel who will come to the rescue in a difficult moment. To finish the presentation can appeal to the angel: "Guardian angel, father bless! Prolong, the Lord, batushkina days!".
Happy angel is also to be congratulated, giving a homemade card. You will need a sheet of colored cardboard, for example, blue, colored paper to create the figures of an angel, PVA glue and paint-Serebryanka. On the reverse side of the sheet of colored paper desired colors draw the details of the figures of the angel, cut out, glue onto a background. Silverfish in the corner of the postcard draw a star. On the reverse side of the cards write kind words, wishes of health, longevity and patience. These cards traditionally years are stored in families of clergy.
Embroidered with his own hands icon – a great gift for the priest, however, such a gift requires the giver a lot of time, effort and patience. Can embroider an icon with a face of the patron Saint of priests. For this you will need colored embroidery floss, canvas and embroidery. It can do yourself, after analyzing the original icon.
Among appropriate gifts can also be called different dishes with the image of the patron Saint of priests brought from the Holy places of oil, incense, Holy water, religious books and relics. The Holy father can bestow and it is everyday things, for example, a piece of cloth for a robe or cassock. With the approval of the father, can give Church utensils or flowers. But remember, whatever gift, the most important is a sincere, heartfelt words that accompany it!