You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - the camera;
  • the Paint program;
  • scanner.
What do you need? Take a picture of a beautiful landscape, a beloved pet. You can take pictures using the camera or camera cell phone. As a rule, the quality of the image depends on the type of device, so try to use the highest quality digital cameras.
Upload photos to the computer. You can create a separate folder for them. Then select from the photos the one that you like best. Click the right mouse button. You will see a window where you should select the option "set as background desktop table". Wallpaper work table will immediately change.
This way you can set the desktop picture of a loved one, their family or friends. At any time the same way you can replace the Wallpaper on the standard provided by the operating system. Another way to create a Wallpaper – painted mural, portrait, etc. using the scanner scan an image. And then perform the same operations as described above.
Wallpaper for worker of table , you can also use the drawings created on the computer of the so-called "risovalka", that is programs that allows you to create drawings. This can be, for example, Paint is a standard program that comes with Microsoft operating systems.
Using the mouse and tools create your own picture in Paint. Save it. As a rule, all the drawings and scanned documents are saved in the pictures folder. Then, just as in previous methods, right-click the mouse to open the window and select the option "set as background desktop table". Now you have a unique Wallpaperthat no one else. Use your imagination, develop artists or photographers.