If you are faced with the problem of opening jars, you can use... own elbow. Yes, but do it carefully. Put the jar on any surface that does not slip. Then visually mark the center of the lid, and sharp movement to hit him with his elbow. To avoid injury, do not cut away the elbow, and do it right in clothes. If you fail the first time, you can hit the center of the lid again. In the end, the edge of the lid will pop up and you can open the jar with your hands. Thus use caution, picking up a rag, after all, cover edges may be sharp.
The second option of opening a glass jar very similar to the first, only instead of an elbow you can use any small stone-pebble. Try to use it to cover the indentation into the banks. When the edge of the cover will disengage from the neck to the desired length, you will just gently pry it and break with the banks hands.
Sometimes we are faced with the problem of opening tin cans. We all know that such containers consist of two parts. The first part is the actual Bank itself (bottom and sides) and the second cover. Cover is attached to the main part by a method of crimping the edges of the banks. In order to open tin jar, just carefully bend the edges with pliers. Voila!
If you are pliers, a jar can be opened and others proven method. To do this, place the tin on a flat stone so that the rim was at the bottom. Measured movement then RUB it on the stone until, until the sheet will not be erased. Periodically turn the jarto the edge of the rim was worn on all sides evenly. It is best for this method suitable stone with a rough surface. On the same principle you can use another alternative tool - file.