You will need
  • - Stop valves;
  • - coarse filter;
  • - the metering device of water;
  • - non-return valve;
  • - wrench;
  • - scissors for MP pipe;
  • calibrator;
  • - Bulgarian.
First you need to collect the counter. To do this in a single unit collar nuts, which are supplied with the metering devices of water, connect the water strainer with non-return valve. Its installation is a kind of protection from otmachivanija.
To the filter nut prikruchivayte on the side where the arrow and to the check valve from the side of the tail. Use in this step, tow, tape or other podmolik unacceptable. Cap nut, also called American, be sure to seal with rubber gaskets or aranitovic, which should be selected strictly on the size.
Given the directions of all the arrows, by means of coupling nuts and seals of rubber attach to the device filter and check valve. At this stage, you need to ensure that the arrow on the meter pointing in the right direction. Otherwise the device will not work properly. You need to put the arrow in the direction of the shut-off valve, which installs on the water supply riser.
The complexity of installation of the meter in the water system depends on what tubes were used in its device. Make the frame heavier than just a metal pipe. It's another thing if the water pipe is assembled from metal or polypropylene tubes. They can be cut even with a normal kitchen knife.
Cut the pipe and attach to shut-off the water tap fully assembled counter. All connections must be performed with the use of tow or tape FUM.
After the crane is major screwed meter of water, measure the location of the response thread and cut off the excess pipe. In this place you will need to mount the plastic fitting system.
Now disconnect from the instrument records water check valve with Union nut and using a tow connect it to the newly made thread, and then reconnect Americans with the meter, open the valve and test all of the available threaded connections. In the absence of leaks, the water meter can be put into operation.