So, to readings of water meters was shot legally, you need to put a water meter on the account in the special organization. This procedure consists of several stages. Let us first start with announcement on setting of the counter to the management organization (DES), or another company that has a license to conduct such operations. A few days after application you will come to the specialist who will assess the condition of the water system and determine the necessary complete set of equipment for installation of the meter.
Next make a purchase the counter. Carefully inspect the conformity of the model that you tell the specialist. Do not buy the meter at its discretion. You can also charge selection and purchase of suitable for your home equipment by the masters, who will be the subsequent installation. However, remember that you have every right to do it by myself. So if the wizard insist on their help, think about who benefits.
After the purchase of equipment check with the company-installer, the time when you will be installing the counter. Specialists will come to you with already prepared package of documents that you will need to put the counter on the account, and will install the meter within a few hours.
After that sight in the management of the organization or DES the act of admission to operation of the metering device of water consumption. Then submit all the documents that you gave the experts of the company-installer, in EIRTS (Uniform it is information-clearing center) in your area. Here sign a contract for the supply of hot and cold water and to pay for water consumption according to the readings of the metering device.