You will need
  • project, time, money
Company. Today there are many firms that for your money do all the work, since the calculation of the building materials and ending with the construction of the house. The main thing that you will need to do is tell your vision, desires and, of course, to pay the organization for services. The price can reach round the amounts, but you won't need to waste your time, effort and nerves.
Do it yourself. If you decide to do everything yourself and not rely on someone, there is a lot to consider. Really, so you'll save money, plus be sure that everything is done on the conscience.
The house project. The first thing you should do is to make a project plan of the future house. To do this, swipe the measurements of the room, which is beyond repair. Consider the maximum and minimize waste, if it is real.
Calculation of building materials. First calculate the cost of the so-called "draft" materials - those that are needed for preparatory works. This plaster, nails, primers, fillers, adhesives, dry mixes, plumbing pipes, wires, cranes and other. Next, calculate the cost of finishing materials. It's linoleum, parquet Board, parquet, skirting, fitted carpet, decorative coatings, ceilings, Wallpaper, decorative panels, PVC Windows, doors, electrical outlets, sanitary devices, tiles, etc.
During the calculation of quantity of materials such as carpet, Wallpaper, linoleum, tile measure beforehand once more the room, considering the arches, niches, over door and around the window space.
Purchase. Pre-take a trip to the market, visit the hypermarkets, etc. the Main goal is to find the reasonable price and promotions. At the time of purchase be sure to take a structured project plan, otherwise you can buy an extra or, worse, forget to buy something.