Do not think that a frame house is a model project, and all buildings built according to this procedure are the same. In fact, the history of the construction of frame houses has a long history - at least 5 centuries, and even more. Naturally, for such period masters have learned to build not only small squat houses, but full of high-rise buildings on the frame. The cost of each is determined individually. And is calculated in the process of building the project.

A frame house project

As in any other case, work on the frame home begins with the development of the project - it is the accuracy of its execution will depend on the success of the event. In addition, at the time of working of the project should also make an estimate of future works that in the future, if a little change, it is not very much.

The preparation of the design project of the future house begins with the definition of residential premises. Should definitely consider the number of family members, to bookmark the replenishment of the family and not to forget all the necessary auxiliary facilities.
Experts recommend to take for each individual living member of the family room square footage - 40-50 squares. This space, according to the psychologists, is as comfortable as possible.

As for outbuildings, it is also desirable to carefully calculate their area. A thorough approach will help you in drawing the design of the project fully and accurately determine the total area of your home. Once you get the numbers you'll be able to understand how many floors must be in your building for a comfortable stay.

However, it is worth considering that for the floors affected by still other factors, like the size of the territory, which will be erected a building (the smaller, the less chance of getting a high-rise structure), the layout and landscape of the earth (not all sections outwardly acceptable big house). And, of course, on the number of storeys of the house special influence has the age of all those who will be living in it. For example, if the family has the elderly, it is better to make the house less in height, but stretch in length. With children the issue is quite controversial, as they quickly grow and ladders for them will not be such a terrible obstacle and danger.
It is advisable to take into account the overall architecture of the street. For example, if it are mostly short buildings, not worth much to stand out from the crowd.

Plus the design of a frame house that he is going from panels to wooden or metal base (the frame). This contributes to more successful planning, as the panels can be easily installed in any place.

When a design project is compiled, once again, will study it carefully and make any necessary adjustments. Remember that after the start of construction to change something will be difficult or impossible at all.

Next, do some design estimates. Here it is necessary to very accurately calculate how much materials you will need and how much they will cost. Can be based on the average price (if we manage to save, it will be a nice bonus). Also, be sure to lay another 25 percent of the total amount for unforeseen expenses. If you can lay 50%. The cost calculation should be as complete and detailed below, after not have to seek additional funds.

The cost of materials for frame construction

For the construction of frame houses using a fairly large number of materials. This construction lumber, and insulation, and roofing. In addition, impact on the cost and finishing materials - siding, siding, etc. And still need the cost of materials to build and the price of those will go to the Foundation. However, there is a plus. Frame houses have very small weight, so they are usually installed on the pier or strip foundations. This significantly reduces the cost of construction.

So, if you have decided on the construction of the building, cottage or demonolatry to frame basis, you will need the following materials.

For the Foundation:
- gravel at a cost of about 2000 per cubic meter;
boards for formwork - 7000 per cubic meter;
- various fittings - right 1000 per cubic meter;
road mesh - 2000 per cubic meter;
concrete - 5,000 per meter;
- units - 4500;
- cement - 300 rubles for a bag;
- a heater - 4000 RUR per meter;
- geotextile - 50 rubles per square;
film for waterproofing - 30 p. for square;
- concrete (plate) - 4800 per cubic meter;
- concrete paving - 4800 per cubic meter;
- consumables (nails, screws, bolts, etc.) - about 10 000 roubles on all.

Total cost per cubic meter of the Foundation is about 36,000 rubles.

Next, you need to calculate the cost Cuba the main building. For this, you will need additional materials. This:
- antiseptic - 200 p. per liter;
- asbestos pipes under the posts - 400 rubles per meter;
hydro/vapor barrier 20 p. per square meter;
- gutters - $ 2000 per meter;
Board dry stroynaya - 12000 per cubic meter;
- a heater - 2000 RUR per cubic meter;
- plywood - 18000 per cubic meter;
Windows (cost depending on the company and configuration);
- door input (also measured at the company-the manufacturer and the materials used);
- SOFTBOARD - 230 p. for square;
- consumables - about 50,000 rubles.

Total cost per square meter house without Windows and doors will cost an average of 38 000.

To calculate the final cost of materials, multiply the cost of 1 cubic meter or square meter for the total area. So will the full cost of materials for a frame house. If you want to make the construction cheaper, try to look for markets where you can buy some materials cheaper. So you will be able to save.

The cost of construction depends on what the rates are in the brigade. But the average should be for 1,500,000 rubles.

How to calculate the required amount of materials

In each individual case the cost of materials is calculated specifically. For example, you can take the house in which the walls along the length of the house is 10 meters, height of walls 2.8 m, wall width of the building - 8 m.

For a start - frame. The calculation for the vertical supporting pillars begin with, that will calculate the total length of walls (in the example it will be 10 + 10 + 8 + 8 = 36 sq. m.). Vertical stand is usually set at a distance of 50 cm from each other. But remember that where will be the window, the distance between the uprights shall be not less than 1.2 m. from this we can calculate the quantity of timber necessary for the construction of the frame. Approximately for the given example you will need about 4 cubic meters. For base of frame and final connections should be added 3 cubes of the same timber.

Cutting Board, used for wall cladding are approximately equal in number to the beams. However, it all depends on how many walls you would cover. As a rule, use the method of double-walled covering. So, for the specified in the example of the house will need about 5 cubic meters of boards.

As for the insulation, in each case, it is calculated differently, depending on its thickness, dimensions and other parameters.