You will need
  • roulette;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil;
  • calculator.
Determine the dimensions of your cinder blocks. The standard unit has dimensions of mm. 390х190х188 Can also meet up with cinder block partition sizes 390х120х188 mm. If you use a different standard or produce this construction material themselves, make preliminary measurements of the product.
Define a method of stacking cinder blocks in the construction of wall structures. From how you place the stone in the masonry will depend on the wall thickness and, consequently, consumption. You value that face of the block, which is external in the construction of the wall, as its size will directly affect the amount of material.
Let's say you intend to build a wall in pablaka. Calculate the area of the broad faces of the block. To do this, multiply the unit length by the width, for example, 390х190 mm. You will receive 74100 square mm or close to 0, 074 sq. m.
To calculate the flow rate of the cinder blocks for one square meter of wall, divide the unit on the result obtained, expressed in square meters: 1 / 0,074 = 13,51. Rounding the value, you will receive 14. As many blocks you'll need for the construction of one square meter of wall structures.
Let's say you intend to put cinder blocks in the garage with dimensions of 5x7 m and a height of 2.5 m. Calculate the perimeter of the construction folded it length and width and multiplying this value by two. You will receive: (5 + 7) x 2 = 24 m. Now find the area of the walls, multiplying the perimeter by the height of the garage: 24 x 2.5 = 60 sq. m. Subtract from this value the goal area, which, for example, will be: 3.2 x 2.5 = 8,75 sq. m. In the end you get the result 51,25 sq. m, which is the area of all walls of the garage.
Given the number of blocks per 1 sq m of facilities, calculate the required amount of material. For this 51,25 multiply by 14. Thus, the erection of walls of garage you will need about 717 cinder blocks. By purchasing the material, provide a reasonable reserve in case of marriage or possible damage to the units in the process.