Most concrete structures have a complex geometric shape. This also applies to the installation of the floor with concrete screed. To facilitate the calculation of volume of concrete for this, break the design into simpler parts. This will significantly increase the speed of calculation. If you plan to use reinforcing elements, which constitute at least five percent of the total volume of fill, this error can be safely attributed to mounting losses, and therefore consider it optional.
Screed floor allows you to align coverage for further decoration. The thickness of the screed depending on the grade of concrete may be from 40 mm to 100 mm thinner screed prone to premature cracking, and a thicker, long drying.
To calculate Obama concrete to fill the floor must be approached with great responsibility, as the lack of material could adversely affect the quality of the building design.
If the screed is laid on a flat horizontal surface, then to calculate the volume of concrete use the following formula: V = S x H, where S is the surface area of the screed, and H is its thickness. For example, when floor space is 20 m2 and the thickness of the screed 0.07 m, the volume of the mixture is equal to 1.4 m3.
To determine the amount of concrete and other method. To do this, measure the thickness of the future of the screed and the floor space, then multiply the obtained value. Multiply the result by the expenditure ratio of 1.02.
To determine the amount of concrete to fill in kilograms, multiply the quantity of concrete to 490, as a result, you will learn how many kilograms of cement will go on flooring in your home. Received amount of cement multiply by three and get the desired amount of sand. According to the construction rules for one cubic meter of concrete is taken as 490 kg of cement.