Listen to the side view. If you are going to relax now, and girlfriend hints ask how you develop the relationship, do not cover with the words "we're just friends!" Better vypytat, on what basis they made this conclusion, what are the actions of your friend or you gave them such thoughts. Girlfriends can be more observant than you, they can open your eyes to something you hadn't noticed.
What he feels for you? Watch and analyse how he looks at you, touches like. A man in love often, when the conversation looks to the woman in the eye. For a friendly touch is more typical butting, pushes, pats on the back, the shoulders. If his touch is more gentle, stroking and touches of the brush, neck, legs, face, then it is a sign that he is committed with you closer.
Try a little to get him to understand, does it to you as a woman. Wear something attractive, palermoite with him casually. Let's see how he reacts, looks like retards if you look. Of course, this may not be an absolute guarantee that he's in love with you, but this must not be overlooked.
How do you feel to him? Remember, does that make you sad, if he suddenly one day did not call; do you get angry if he pays attention to another girl. If you yourself gave a positive answer, it means you fell in love with his friend. Friendly relationship implies that your communication is the exchange of information and opinions. When the fact of communicating makes you a surge of positive emotions — this is love.
Let him know that you appreciate his masculine qualities and be proud that you have a guy you can rely on. It was a man, not a friend. He can't help but respond to these words. Based on his reaction you will understand what he feels. If you are interesting to him as a woman, your words are puzzling. He'll understand, but will laugh it off and move the conversation in another direction. If he feels for you sympathy, it will necessarily take advantage of this moment to confess his feelings. Only first ask yourself if you need it.