Interesting questions for first meetings

To get to know a guy or a girl, without asking thus questions about the nature or preferences, you can transfer the conversation to a discussion of the relationship with relatives and friends. With a mind such topics does not seem to be dangerous, but with their help, you can determine what to expect from your new friend. If a girl or guy a lot of talk about parents and in every possible way them extol, there is a risk that older relatives will have a huge impact on your relationship. Stressed rude or mocking comments about the friends can also tell a lot about how people used to build relationships.
You probably also have to tell about their loved ones. Follow the words when you do. In the end, your partner will also be able to make many interesting conclusions.

Share your plans for the future and priorities in life, and then ask your interlocutor to do the same. Speaking of long term, he will understand what's important in life. You can easily determine how the actual goals he sets, he prefers to plan or improvise what's bothering him and what he's sure.

How to know a man: the issues with degree of risk

There are questions that help to get acquainted with the guy or girl, but at the same time may be undesirable. Use them, if you see that your interlocutor is ready to speak on such topics. For example, is not superfluous to clarify how he sees his soulmate. This will help you determine how close you are to the ideal, and to find out what is your partner and what he wants in life.
Speaking about a potential second half, specify what you mean. This can be a person comfortable to live, with whom you want to marry or even to have children and to age.

Another interesting question concerns the relationship between a man and a woman. You may ask how, in the opinion of your interlocutor, should be shared domestic responsibilities, as well as who should be in charge in the relationship, and who – a slave. This will help you determine how well your views on such things. However, be careful: this issue is not to move too quickly to avoid the impression that you want to get a serious relationship. Due to this question you can easily identify who is in front of you is a tyrant, insecure, selfish. Your companion will give himself to mention the other.