Friendship between a man and a woman are different. To some it seems natural, but there are people who think such relationships are an illusion. Opposite-sex friends are the object of attention from others. And, indeed, whether behind the facade of all knowing and receiving of friendship to hide the love?

Friendship between a man and a woman

A strong friendship between heterosexual people who are not striving to become something more, a rare phenomenon. So inherent in nature that man and woman unconsciously perceive each other as sexual partners.

Pure friendships are formed between boys and girls in schools and colleges, and later at the workplace or on the background of the overall hobby. The interests that unite friends, and the difference between the sexes helps to learn a different point of view on the same issue.

Often opposite-sex friends become romantic couple, successfully learning the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Psychologists believe that without personal sympathy for the man and the woman will not conduct a lot of time together and support each other. Will this sympathy of love depends on several reasons.

As friendship becomes love

Both have strong feelings involve understanding and caring. The time spent with friends allows men and women become really close friends. The lack of sexual relations gives the opportunity to learn partner without worrying of passion and bias, which is inevitable during intimacy.

The two become loving people, when they realize that the person with whom they are friends, may attract them as a permanent couple for the family life. Starting to appreciate each other as individuals, man and woman gradually begin to feel physical attraction.

Be love friendship can, and when break up the old romance in both of them. Shared experiences are thus combined, give a boost to intimacy and deeper feelings.

The chance that this couple will live together for many years, is very large. But only if there is strong physical attraction to each other. Sometimes the friendship is hidden unrequited love. Then the development of relations is inevitable, as one of my friends is interested in it and will do everything that they have moved to another level.

If you have a friend of the opposite sex, you should think about what your relationship really is. Which feeling makes to hold together the watch, causes a rush of emotions and makes the blood flowing through my veins faster. Maybe you are not only a friend but the closest person in the world, your other half.