Before you write the essay, the student will need to subject the Department or determine its own. Secretary-referent, who will prepare a report for a supervisor, consult him a list of topics which are of practical interest. Because currently, almost all new publications are laid out in the Internet, the search is necessary to abstract sources make using any of the popular search engines.
To facilitate the search, create a list of keywords on which you need to write the essay. These words will be used by the system as search queries. From the found list websites review and select those articles that match the topic of the essay. Sort them by date of publication so that they have a defined actuality.
Review all selected literature, analyze each publication, select and highlight individual files in the main paragraphs, and thoughts that contains each article. Write a brief conclusion on the study of monograph and article.
Start to write the essay with the compilation of the plan. Make arbitrary plan and adjust it as the study of literature and its analysis. After he takes the final form, start writing the text of the abstract. Regulations governing the content of the essay, no, but its structure should be standard.
The abstract should contain a title page, table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion and list of used literature. In the beginning, write an introduction, which put and describe the main objectives of the study the topic and its actuality and novelty. Please rate the degree of illumination in the literature of the studied issues, the depth of their development, an interest which they present from the point of view of practical applications. From the introduction to anyone reading it should be clear why you write this essay how useful it is.
After the introduction you can go directly to writing the main text of the abstract. Use it samples from the studied literature that you did previously.