Determine a theme essay. Abstract topic should create any problem that you want to explore.
Ask questions to the subject. To these questions you will find the answer.
Think about who will read your essay. For what group of people it's meant? Maybe the abstract will read only your teacher, maybe the audience, maybe, your essay will be interesting for a certain category of the population? An overview of potential readers will allow you to choose the right style of presentation and list of questions that you will cover in the essay.
Find material on each of the issues. Make the outline. Highlight strong points, it will help you further think through the logic of the presentation.
Combine your notes into a single system. Presentation should be logical and consistent. Each subsequent paragraph should be related to the previous one. Identify the subheadings you then display them in the content.
Proceed with the registration of your abstract.
Make the title page. Large letters in the middle write the topic of the essay. Sign of the author of the essay below, smaller letters. In the bottom corner fill in the date.
Arrange content in a numbered or bulleted list. Display it made earlier subheadings.
At the end of the essay, place a list of references. Written the author, title, city, publisher, year of publication. Or a reference to an Internet resource.
Read the finished essay. Imagine yourself at the same time picky and critical reader. Themselves make comments and suggestions to my essay. Fix bugs, repeat the reading.