Some common recipes in order to bring the guy on the emotions - no. But just in case, the girl should remember, should not be a scene, tears and scandals! This works only in very rare cases. With a probability of 99%, the first guy to be confused, then can get angry and end all of his passionate desire to get away from this placce and hysteric. Usually, the best way to quarrel, to break up just yet.
Try to awaken in him the jealousy, pretending that you are passionate about another guy. But this method has its pros and cons. It's hard to say what more. To try, probably worth it, just try not to overdo it! And when this "game" post yourself as a winner: pay attention to appearance, pick well-matching clothes and shoes, make a stylish hairstyle. But again, remember the wise rule: "Everything is good in moderation!"
Pretend that you are offended, some time do not meet, do not call, do not communicate in "ICQ", etc. If you he really cares about, he will try to find out what it is. Then try to push him to frankness. If no will, will not remember you, think carefully: do all the guy you not interested?
Try to study the guy. Even in the most peaceful, Mature, calm man has his weak spot". Detect it and try to use to their advantage.
Finally, consider this: every man is what his nature has created. If it is shorted, if for some reason he tries not to show emotions – it is his right. Try to treat this with understanding and respect. If you can't, look for another guy, more emotional and open.