First of all, you need to think in advance about how to create an appropriate atmosphere for the upcoming conversation. If a man is hungry or has not yet regained consciousness after the operation, should not be offended by monosyllabic answers. Give him time so he could dismiss work. Then he will be willing to listen to you carefully.
Most girls who wish to openly communicate with their guys, make the same common mistake. They begin a conversation with the killer phrase: "We need to talk." In such a situation, men tend to panic in their mind immediately scrolled possible scenarios: you want to leave him, are you pregnant or something even more frightening. If your relationship has matured some problems and you want to discuss their solutions with her boyfriend, look for workarounds. For example, he's been acting towards you is not the best way, and you want to get to the cause of this behavior. Start to think about the time when you were truly happy and relaxed then ask the philosophical question: "I Wonder why so lately everything has changed...". This approach can take the guy to a more constructive conversation.
During the conversation, choose your words carefully. Remember that excessive emotional coloring of the conversation can make a guy panic. Try to avoid the following words: "future", "past", "sorry", "goodbye", "later", "needs", "more", "someone"...
Talking with your partner, you should consider the male psychology and analytical mind. For example, do not ask a lengthy question: "What do you feel?", better question: "what are you thinking now?". This simple method really works.
Another common female mistake – look closely to their partner during a conversation right in the eye. Believe me, men don't feel that look. Guys also important to feel protected, and in such a situation you do not give him any chance. The best conversation to have in bed, preferably after intimacy: the proximity of bodies, no prying – in this situation, and spilling our guts. Besides, when a man hugs you, he feels secure, knowing that the situation is under his control.