After parting with a loved one, especially if the breakup was his initiative, in the life of every woman there comes a period when you need to make a choice: to live, to start a new life or to remain to exist in suffering and sorrow, remembering a loved one.
Of course, each understands what it takes now to change something and learn to live again. But how to do it? Here are a few rules that will help to cope with depression and learn to live without the former young man.
1. Look around and see what reminds you about favorite: pictures, Souvenirs from the places you spent together? His personal belongings? Sofa that you bought together? All these need to go. It is best to throw away, so you couldn't have a lonely evening to get all these things out of the box and again to reminisce. Well, if you leave, for example, with a souvenir or photo hard, then you can ask a friend to hold these things at home, and then in a year or two back. After a time, the memories are not so vivid, and the former favourite will not cause such violent emotions.
2. Change your appearance. Go to a beauty salon and ask a specialist to cut you and paint hair in this color you never wear makeup, but have always dreamed of. Spend at the beauty salon as much time as possible and order a range of treatments and services. This will help you to relax and get a lot of pleasure, to forget about problems and, most importantly, to raise their self-esteem. Perhaps then you think, and if he was, favorite, worthy of such a beauty as I?
3. Fulfill your fondest wish. Your former favorite was watching your figure? Because of him, you indulged in a sweet? Buy a huge cake and call friends. For fun conversation the time passes quickly, and this will allow you to have fun.
4. Evening with friends, you can continue somewhere in a night club or cafe. Perhaps, you will find there's new acquaintance, which in a moment will change your life.
5. Find yourself a hobby or a new job. A new activity will help to forget about all the sorrows and bad weather that chased you after breaking up with a loved one. A new hobby will help you to plunge into the cares and business, to meet new people, create something beautiful and useful. You yourself will not notice how your love doesn't bother me anymore.
6. Embark on a journey. Rest will lead my thoughts in order, set up a new wave.