First and foremost, don't be scared of his low mood. Divorce is a major stress. And your hurt, pain, anger and frustration is a natural human reaction. That's how I feel all abandoned women.
Try to accept the situation and "pull myself together". You need to re-build her life without her husband the husband). It would be difficult – be patient. Time is working for you.
Try to objectively analyze your former relationship. This is to ensure that in future not to repeat the same mistakes. Do not assume that all the fault of the husband. But don't take all the blame. Family troubles are always two to blame, even if one of them made a clear betrayal.
Analyzing the established family life and reveal their mistakes, don't come back to this topic. Lived and forgotten. Not scroll family albums, throw out his personal items (razor, towel, Cologne, etc.). Look only forward.
Do not put hasty relationship: "in spite of Him. Let him know that I'm not alone." No need to prove anything. Live for yourself. Give yourself time to relax from family relations.
Do not bury themselves "alive". Take care of yourself. Make a new hairstyle, makeup. Go shopping. Dress bright and attractive. It is not necessary to wear dark mourning clothes, the mood will only get worse.
Invent yourself a new hobby, but let it be exclusively feminine and active: belly dance, fitness, step aerobics.
Don't stay alone. Go to the theatres, museums, exhibitions. Spend time with friends. Don't try to forget by using alcohol is the path to the abyss.
And do not assume that you are doomed to a life alone. Let some time pass, and the man of your dreams will be found. And given the bitter experience, you will not let past mistakes, and are sure to be happy in his new marriage.