Perceive the separation as a step to a new happier life, a starting point to joy. Stop blaming the wife for what happened. For everything that happens in a marriage the responsibility of both. To you in the future is not made the same mistake, look at your life drama. Answer all the questions that bothered you in the marriage.
If you realized that was too dependent on her husband, it will be very difficult to break the connection with him and to adapt to a new life. You feel that with his departure, life has lost meaning, it is a manifestation of codependency from another person. To get rid of it, improve their self esteem and clearly imagine yourself as a person.
Often a man gets when in a relationship for a long time the balance was broken "give-take". And misalignment in any direction will not lead to anything good. If you only give without asking anything in return, my husband will come a glut and lack of demand. If you just wanted a spouse will leave you to get another woman's love and affection. Remember all your insights, do not dismiss the bitter lessons.
Accept the "loss", don't take it as a temporary quarrel. Illusions are broken and hurt the person who created them, sharp shards. Of course, you can still get back together, we cannot exclude this possibility. But hope and wait, when her husband will come to their senses and return, is impossible.
Courage, undress, wash up and go to the big mirror. To start a new life, you need to change course for the better! Look at yourself impartially and write down in a notebook all the "work" that needs to be made. Do not grieve, it must be done with joy and anticipation of updates to its beauty.
Find out in the big salon, what procedures they can offer to you after they have carried herself like a Queen. Pay attention to the face, hair, hands and body. Do not ignore anything. When you see the result, perhaps, will not be sad about the past but focus on the future. Maybe you have always been worth more?
Change the wardrobe, get all depressed clothes away. Juicy natural colors never go out of fashion, white in winter and dark in the autumn, too, can be bright and memorable. Buy a whole bag of different accessories, with their help you will change every day, with just a couple dresses. Be sure to purchase high quality shoes with high heels. Hairpin – a very strong weapon to conquer men.
Sign up for a fitness or swimming. This will help to bring the body into order and expand your social circle. Among adherents of a healthy lifestyle you can meet your destiny.
Do not shut off the heartache, self-medicate. Women often invent a cure for life's problems instead of solve them. And in wine sorrow is not necessary to heat, there is a great risk of drowning itself.