Before choosing sunglasses, you need to visit an ophthalmologist. Seemingly a truism, but many ignored for some reason. The fact that vision correction is required the vast majority of people. Just not everyone knows about it. If you have a "plus" or "minus", you need glasses with diopters. Happy owners of 100% of vision also should not ignore a visit to a specialist. The doctor will advise you on what type of glasses to purchase if you work at a computer, or, on the contrary, most of the time spend on the street.
The second step is the selection of rims. For demand of money do not take, right? So feel free to measure everything that you liked. It is better to take with yourself in shop of a person whose judgment you trust. From the visible, are you points or not. To the sellers in this case should not believe.
You should be comfortable. If the glasses pressure on the nose or whiskey, discard this model. Better to give preference to the frame with movable nose pads. You have found the perfect option, but it is a little heavy? Ask the seller to adjust the nose pads. In any case, don't do it yourself, since it is easy to break the product.
Try to lean forward without removing points. If your chosen frame is not slid to the tip of the nose, so everything is in order.
As you know, the human face is asymmetrical. Please note that glasses are not sitting on you crooked. The assurances of the consultant in the store that after a couple days the frame itself is "bent" under your bright mind - nothing more than a ploy.
A separate paragraph – form rim. Is/is not is subjective. However, the shape and proportions of the face a lot. For those who have round face, will fit glasses with a wide rim. People with rectangular face shape fit the frame in which the lenses oval. If the cheekbones are wider than the eye line (face triangular in shape), note on the massive rims. People with wide forehead and narrow chin should stay on the rimless glasses or glasses near lenses halves of the rims.