You will need
    • To 3 servings
    • 1 Cup long grain unsteamed rice
    • 1 sprig of rosemary
    • peel lemon or any other citrus)
    • Bay leaf
    • black pepper
    • grain mustard (optional)
    • salt to taste
    • water
Carefully sort the rice, remove black grain and everything that is not figureohms.
Pour the rice in a pot, pour cold water. Between palms in water, grind it thoroughly. Water as chafing will become white and cloudy. Repeat 4-5 times until water becomes almost transparent. With this simple operation we remove the excess starch. When cooked, the rice will become crumbly and will not stick together.
Pour the rice with clean cold water to cover the rump. Allow the riceto swell for 1 hour.
Now you can pricerebate to the steam treatment Fig. If no steamer, use a normal saucepan and a colander. Fill the pot with water and put on fire. Bring it to boil.
Steadily place the colander on a saucepan over boiling water. Drain the water from the pan with riceohms and pour it in a colander. Do not wrinkle. Cover from the pan.
After 10 minutes of steaming, add the water (in the water) rosemary, lemon peel or orange, Bay leaf, pepper peas. You can pour a few grains of mustard. Together with the steam in the rice gets the flavors of the spices. It will not be as fresh. The lemon peel will give a pichave a great acidity.
The total time for cooking riceand takes approximately 25 minutes. Well, if it stays Al dente (to the tooth), slightly dense at the core. Such a figure is most useful.
Turn off the stove, let stand the riceanother 10 minutes without removing the lid. Remove the colander from the pan, pour the rice on a serving dish. Decorate with greens and lemon slices.
The rice couple is prepared without salt, remember this. Recommended with cooked in a few riceom soya sauce. This figure will be a wonderful garnish to any dish.