You will need
  • - specialized oil pressure gauge
Primarily spend correct diagnosis of the fault and measuring oil pressure. The fact that the pressure sensors will be triggered when the pressure reached a critical level and it is too late to apply preventive measures. Sometimes the sensors are malfunctioning and should be checked regularly. Therefore, sensors believe with certain reservations.
Select and purchase the special tool to measure oil pressure, paying attention to the oil-petrol-resistant performance and an excellent range. Metering swipe through the threaded hole of the pressure sensor. A good instrument must have a complete set of adapters for all threaded connections. They are not cheap, like all professional equipment.
Technical characteristics of the engine determine the magnitude of the normal pressure of oil and the value of revolutions at which to perform measurements. If the rpm does not specify dimension spend idling at the operating temperature of the engine. If testing shows that when good parts of the lubrication system pressure oil close to the lower limit or below it, send the motor to overhaul.
If testing shows low pressure oil in the lower engine speed range, to increase to normal remove and check the regulator valve the oil pressure. At the lowered oil pressure in all ranges of operation of the motor first just try to fill it. If this does not help, remove the sump, clean the mesh of maslozavodska. Check the oil suction tube is damaged, replace.
If these measures do not increase the pressure to normal, check the oil pump. If it is defective or worn, replace. If all the parts of the lubrication system is in order, then, worn out bearings or engine bearings and requires substantial repairs. Wear liners indigenous or connecting rod journals requires a major overhaul. If they are not critical to normalize oil pressure engine handle the specialized protective and remedial preparation.
Applying additional additives to the oil, it is possible to achieve normalization of his blood pressure. Additive, creating additional film between the friction surfaces, often only create the illusion of a normal pressure in the lubrication system. When their excessive use decreasing lubrication of the crankshaft journals and bearings. This will lead to oil starvation and major repairs of the engine. Conclusion: do not get carried away with additives. This is a temporary measure that allows you to more safely operate the engine until it is repaired.