The first sheet shall contain the name of the tax authority that receives the application and filled in the column that contain General information about the company. In the column of "Full name in Russian is" organizationally-legal form of the enterprise is written without abbreviations - instead of "ZAO," for example, you write "closed joint stock company", of course, specify the name of the company.
With the change of the Director "tick" in the appropriate box marked paragraph 2.8, "Data on the persons having the right without the power of attorney to act on behalf of the legal person". Count the number of sheets filled with data about the Director, no one not working.
You can then go directly to worksheet Z and worksheet "S(2)". It will be necessary not only to specify the details of the new Director, allocating check the option "assignment of powers", but by analogy to fill in the same sheets, the former Director, noting the paragraph "Termination of powers". On sheet "Z" fill in all required fields in accordance with the new and fired Directors.
The column "place of residence" is filled in accordance with the data contained in the passport that is indicated not the place of actual residence and the place of registration of the Director. On the sheet "S(2)" to indicate the contact phones of the company, not the Director.
The following sheets to be filled is a leaf T and leaf T(2), which contain data about the applicant. As a rule, the applicant stands a new Director. If you have another case, mark the item that suits you. Sheet T(3) is filled, but not necessarily attached.
Prints only the filled leaves shape Р14001 and sheet T(3)". Fasten sheets and to sign a statement is not necessary. All this is done at the notary office, where it is imperative to assure the form Р14001. In addition to the application form, the notary must be present the applicant with a passport. Service the notarization of the statement is paid.