Advice 1: How to fill out a form Р14001 of change of the Director

In accordance with the legislation, information about the Director of the enterprise shall be entered into the Unified state register of legal entities (EGRUL). The procedure to date is simplified. If earlier it was required to submit to the tax authority an application form, a copy of the employment contract with the Director, minutes of the General meeting (or decision), now it is necessary to send to the tax only form Р14001. Fill the form Р14001 simply, the main thing – not to miss certain moments.
How to fill out a form Р14001 of change of the Director
The first sheet shall contain the name of the tax authority that receives the application and filled in the column that contain General information about the company. In the column of "Full name in Russian is" organizationally-legal form of the enterprise is written without abbreviations - instead of "ZAO," for example, you write "closed joint stock company", of course, specify the name of the company.
With the change of the Director "tick" in the appropriate box marked paragraph 2.8, "Data on the persons having the right without the power of attorney to act on behalf of the legal person". Count the number of sheets filled with data about the Director, no one not working.
You can then go directly to worksheet Z and worksheet "S(2)". It will be necessary not only to specify the details of the new Director, allocating check the option "assignment of powers", but by analogy to fill in the same sheets, the former Director, noting the paragraph "Termination of powers". On sheet "Z" fill in all required fields in accordance with the new and fired Directors.
The column "place of residence" is filled in accordance with the data contained in the passport that is indicated not the place of actual residence and the place of registration of the Director. On the sheet "S(2)" to indicate the contact phones of the company, not the Director.
The following sheets to be filled is a leaf T and leaf T(2), which contain data about the applicant. As a rule, the applicant stands a new Director. If you have another case, mark the item that suits you. Sheet T(3) is filled, but not necessarily attached.
Prints only the filled leaves shape Р14001 and sheet T(3)". Fasten sheets and to sign a statement is not necessary. All this is done at the notary office, where it is imperative to assure the form Р14001. In addition to the application form, the notary must be present the applicant with a passport. Service the notarization of the statement is paid.
Every time you make changes to the information contained in the register, the company issued a Certificate that contains two registration numbers (the first major, the second – the one which was amended). When filling in the column "bin" is necessary to navigate to the number specified in the first Certificate issued upon registration of a company or the number that is listed first in the new Certificate.
Useful advice
If you don't know the postcode of the Director, you can use the search on the Internet or find out his phone. This information provides the Central post office of any settlement.

Advice 2 : How to fill out the forms with the change of the founder

With the change of the founder, the company is required to execute the contract of sale, to assure him of a notary, fill in the application form р13001 about change of participants of the enterprise. If with the change of the founder, is the new Director of the organization, the procedure becomes more complicated. If the founder of firm one, it prohibits the change in the legislation.
How to fill out the forms with the change of the founder
You will need
  • documents of the new shareholder;
  • - the seal of the enterprise;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - forms of the relevant documents;
  • - the funds for the payment of state duty;
  • - handle;
  • - documents of all shareholders of the company.
Contact the notary, who will help you draw up a contract of purchase and sale of the shares in your company to a new participant. Fill in the application form р13001 about changing your enterprise, correctness of any information to which the notary will check and correct the required details, send it to the tax authority to make changes in the unified state register.
A new member of the company fills the application form р13001. On the title page enter the name of the company in accordance with the constitutive documents, taxpayer identification number, reason code of registration. On sheet L of this form, write your surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth in accordance with the identity document. Specify details of the identity document (series, number, date of issue and name of issuing authority, subdivision code). Enter the address of the new participant (postcode, region, city, locality, street name, house number, buildings, apartments).
Make a Protocol of the constituent Assembly on amendments to the constituent documents of the company in connection with the entry into the share capital of the new participant. Specify the amount of shares individuals and other participants in your company. Sign the minutes of the Board of founders Chairman and Secretary of the constituent Assembly with the indication of their names, initials. Sign the document with the seal of the organization.
Make a new version of the Charter that will spell out the details of each of the members of the organization. Assure him of a notary.
Pay the state fee and the receipt of payment imagine to the tax office.
Hand over the listed documents to the tax authority to make changes in the unified state register.
If along with the change of the founder you decide to change the Directors, make a report on the appointment of company's individuals. Complete the sheet S statements р14001 about the removal of powers from the old Director and the sheet S this document on the laying of authority to act on behalf of the legal entity without power of attorney on the new Director. Make the necessary data on individuals. Imagine your completed application, a copy of the Charter, receipt of payment of the state fee, the documents dismissed and appointed the Director to the tax office.
If the founder of the firm only, can't. You must first make the entrance of new participant, and then output the old and go through the above described procedure.

Advice 3 : Form filling Р14001 and submission to EGRUL

The major official body, which contains all constituent and title data on legal entities as economic entities is called EGRUL, the Unified state register of legal entities), and any changes in the activities of the company must be entered in the state register. To make changes to the registration structure is supplied a statement of the form Р14001.
Form filling Р14001 and submission to EGRUL

What form Р14001

Statement Р14001 is the official form prescribed by law, and approved by order FTS the Russian Federation. It is intended for registration of changes related to the conduct of administrative, legal and economic activities of the company, namely: the conduct of activities of a legal entity or change of OKVED; the purchase, sale, inheritance or donation of shares co-founder; change of Manager or legal address; registration updated personal and passport data of the head or a member of society; correcting errors in data that were previously entered in the state register.

The application form consists of Р14001 51 of the sheet, each with the symbol in the form of letters of the alphabet, and shows the changes of a certain character:

sheet 001(page 1) contains the basic data about the firm, which should correspond to the information in EGRUL (the full company name in the official language, INN, OGRN;

list A (page 1) provides for amendments in the company name, served to correct the data in the registry that is different from the information in the constituent documents;

list B (page 1) intended for data submission, concerning the change of legal address is filled in also in case of adjusting incorrectly submitted information, or by making the coordinates of the new location;

- sheet (page 1-4) displays updated information about the participant – the Russian legal entity with a precise description of the data that have already been registered in the register, but are subject to change;

- sheet G (page 1-5) contains information about the participant of foreign legal entity, and similarly the sheet is filled In with all required information;

- sheet D (page 1-9) provides for the modification of data about an individual party;

sheet E (page 1-7) shows the changes in the information about the participant – the Russian Federation, constituent entity of the Russian Federation, the municipality and other state structures;

sheet W (page 1-5) contains information about the mutual investment capital, which includes a certain part of the share capital;

sheet W (page 1) to be completed on change of the share capital of the company, its redistribution among the remaining participants or sale;

list (page 1) is filled in case of change of information about the holder of the register of shareholders;

list To (page 1-2) contains data on the physical person who has the right to operate on behalf of a legal entity without attorney;

list L (page 1-3) is designed to display data changes on a managing organization;

- the list M (page 1-2) carries information about the control;

Sheet H (pages 1-2) displays the data change NACE codes;

List On (page 1-2) is populated when the information on the representative offices or branches;

The sheet P (page 1-2) is designed to make changes in the size of the authorized capital;

The sheet P (page 1-4) is the latest in the form Р14001, and carries information about the applicant, which makes the appropriate changes.

Features of form filling Р14001

In terms of making appropriate changes to entities need to fill out several sheets of forms Р4001 depending on the nature of the information, but leaves 001 (General) and R (the applicant) submitted in all cases. So, Р14001 change of Director requires filling sheets 001, K (the termination and the laying of the obligations of the Manager) and R. the Applicant in this case is the newly appointed Director. To change the passport data of the head, again filled the sheets 001 To (change the person) and R.

The application Р14001 with the notarial purchase and sale of shares the participant requires a more thorough approach. In this lead sheet 001, page 1 of the sheets C, d, D, E in respect of the participants, and the sheet p. the purchase of the member's share to a third person or another participant in addition to pages filled the sheet S with an indication of the share.

Having made the decision to change activities, you should bring the sheet 001, P, on page 1 of the sheet N to specify the NACE codes that need to be made in the register, and on page 2 – positions to be deleted. The basic code must be specified first in the list.

In order to avoid mistakes, and make in the register of inaccurate data, before completing the application Р14001 you must understand some main points:

in the form of the specified pattern are allowed to submit multiple changes, which is necessary to complete the appropriate page (for example, changing NACE + purchase shares of companies + change');

- it is forbidden in one form to make changes to the state registry and fix the mistakes made. In this case, you must submit two separate statements;

- filling Р14001 manually is printed in capital letters with a pen with black paste, and when printed on the computer - a font Courier New, size 18,0;

- in the case of registration statements Trustee will require the power of attorney certified by a notary;

cannot print documents from two sides.

Documents required to apply Р14001

Depending on the nature of the changes that are made in register, to form the specified pattern should be accompanied by appropriate documents issued in accordance with statutory requirements.

If you change the legal address along with the form Р14001 require the provision of documents to the new premises in the form of a copy of the certificate of ownership and letter of guarantee of the owner. To change the data about the Director or his passport data to the form Р14001 attached Protocol or the decision on the appointment of the new head.

For additions or deletions of activities of the company the statement Р14001 attached decision of the participants on changes of economic activities. Correction of previous errors and inaccuracies when providing information to the registry, should also be displayed in the corresponding Protocol, which is attached to the new statement.

In case of purchase of shares of a third party, to the form, you must attach a statement of withdrawal of the seller from the holders, a decision on the sale of shares, a contract, a receipt or a payment order confirming the payment of a share.

A statement of the form Р14001 regardless of the nature of the data placed in it, before serving in the registration and Supervisory organs should be certified by a notary. After making changes in the state register and the tax base registering authority shall issue to an applicant a record Sheet from the register, which serves as official confirmation.


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