You will need
  • documents of the new shareholder;
  • - the seal of the enterprise;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - forms of the relevant documents;
  • - the funds for the payment of state duty;
  • - handle;
  • - documents of all shareholders of the company.
Contact the notary, who will help you draw up a contract of purchase and sale of the shares in your company to a new participant. Fill in the application form р13001 about changing your enterprise, correctness of any information to which the notary will check and correct the required details, send it to the tax authority to make changes in the unified state register.
A new member of the company fills the application form р13001. On the title page enter the name of the company in accordance with the constitutive documents, taxpayer identification number, reason code of registration. On sheet L of this form, write your surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth in accordance with the identity document. Specify details of the identity document (series, number, date of issue and name of issuing authority, subdivision code). Enter the address of the new participant (postcode, region, city, locality, street name, house number, buildings, apartments).
Make a Protocol of the constituent Assembly on amendments to the constituent documents of the company in connection with the entry into the share capital of the new participant. Specify the amount of shares individuals and other participants in your company. Sign the minutes of the Board of founders Chairman and Secretary of the constituent Assembly with the indication of their names, initials. Sign the document with the seal of the organization.
Make a new version of the Charter that will spell out the details of each of the members of the organization. Assure him of a notary.
Pay the state fee and the receipt of payment imagine to the tax office.
Hand over the listed documents to the tax authority to make changes in the unified state register.
If along with the change of the founder you decide to change the Directors, make a report on the appointment of company's individuals. Complete the sheet S statements р14001 about the removal of powers from the old Director and the sheet S this document on the laying of authority to act on behalf of the legal entity without power of attorney on the new Director. Make the necessary data on individuals. Imagine your completed application, a copy of the Charter, receipt of payment of the state fee, the documents dismissed and appointed the Director to the tax office.
If the founder of the firm only, can't. You must first make the entrance of new participant, and then output the old and go through the above described procedure.