You will need
  • computer;
  • the Internet;
  • - flash drive;
  • program AlcorMP;
  • program JetFlash Recovery Tool;
  • program HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
Many flash drives have switches. Can just switch it. If that fails, then to remove the protection necessary to do the following. In the branch of the registry, enter the text to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - Control – StorageDevicePolicies. Next, set the value of WriteProtect to zero. Restart your computer.
You can also use the utility JetFlash Recovery Tool. This program will allow you to format the flash drive. Download it on the Internet. Insert the USB flash drive and run the program. In it you need to click the Start button. In just a few seconds you will receive the flash drive, which can fully use.
Use the program HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Connect the flash drive to the computer. Run the program. In the Device list select your USB flash drive. In the window that opens, select NTFS and click Start. In the opened window click "Yes". Formatting starts. At the end of the process, click Ok. Pay attention to the fact that the device it is necessary to choose correctly. Otherwise give something else.
Download AlcorMP. All the information save, because it will be deleted. Run the program AlcorMP. Now you can connect your USB flash drive. If you are not satisfied with the configuration, go to the utilities menu and select the options you want. If you're prompted to set a password, skip this.
Leave all fields blank and click "OK". To start formatting, click Start. After scanning a USB device will be completely formatted and deleted all information. Now you can use a flash drive to work with different data on a personal computer.