Advice 1: How to clean a flash drive

To clean the flash drive in several ways. The choice depends on why you need it. If you are sure that the useful files on it, then the easiest way is to format your removable media or delete all files. Use these methods for ordinary "everyday" cleaning. If you want securely delete all files, use the full format and overwrite.
How to clean a flash drive
Removal of information

Connect the flash drive to the computer.

Go to "My computer" then removable media.

Select all the files with the left mouse button, or press ctrl+A.

Hit "Delete" on the keyboard.
PC is not actually erased your files, and mark them for yourself remote. Mean the flash drive is empty, but the files can be recovered with special programs.
The result described in the first case will lead the rapid formatting that can be done thus:

go to "My computer".

Then right-click on the image of the stick.

In the menu that appears select "format".

Tick "Fast".

Press "Start".

The program will ask: "Warning, all data will be deleted, continue formatting?".

Click "Yes".
For deep cleaning of drives, select "Full" in the formatter. All other steps are the same with a quick format.

This method will delete all the files, but in a specialized service center, their recovery still remains possible.
If you want to delete the contents of removable media without the possibility of recovery, even experts, use the special cleanup utility pendrive or after formatting fill its entire volume of extraneous files, such as music, and then re-format.

Advice 2 : How to use a flash drive

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine a computer user, which would not have arisen the need to use a USB flash drive. This compact and at the same time, a large repository of information rather simple and easy to use, but a novice user should know how to use the memory stick.
How to use a flash drive

First we should clarify that the full name of pendrive - USB Flash Drive, and that name should navigate to directories of computer stores. When selecting media, the main criterion is its volume. Consider what amount of information do you typically need to copy and move, and how often.

After selecting the drives, you can begin to use it. Standard USB flash drive features a removable cap that covers the USB connector through which it connects to the computer. When your flash drive is not connected to the computer, be sure to wear it, this cap – it will prevent contamination of the connector, penetrate dust, moisture and other foreign objects that may damage the device.

So, before you start working with the media, remove the protective cap. Before you – the metal USB connector through which you want to insert the flash drive into the connector at the computer. In the computer a corresponding USB input can be located both behind and in front of the body. It is easy to recognize: it is a horizontal slit, which in form and size will fit the connector on your USB flash drive. Connect the device to the computer.

If this car had not been used stick, the computer will prompt you to find and install the driver for it. If you are working in Windows operating system, then you will be prompted step-by-step installation instructions. This process does not require any special knowledge and skills.

After the computer has detected and recognized the device USB Flash Drive, go to folder "My computer" which you have located on your computer desktop. There followed a list of hard drives on your computer appear connected removable device. Find some of them, the name of which will be referred to the acronym "USB" is your flash drive. Now you can start to use the memory stick: open it with double click and work like any removable media floppy – copy, move, or remove files.

After completion of locate the task panel at the bottom of the screen icon, signed "safely remove hardware and eject media". Click with the left mouse button will open a list of devices that you will be asked to disconnect. Select your carrier from the list and click disable. After some time the screen will appear the inscription: "the Equipment can be extracted". Only after that, remove the flash drive from the USB input.

Advice 3 : How to clean phone memory Nokia

Often, in order to restore functionality of the mobile device clean of his memory. To implement this procedure, you can use the special service codes or the features available in particular phone.
How to clean phone memory Nokia
First try to clear the memory of the mobile phone by applying the factory defaults of this device. Turn on the machine and open the main menu. Go to submenu "Settings".
Highlight "Restore factory settings" or "Reset phone." Click "Yes". Wait until you see the menu with the warning that this command clears the phone memory and reset all your custom settings. Confirm to start the cleaning procedure of the device.
Enter the security code after the appearance of the corresponding field. If you have not changed the value, fill in a line number 12345. Read the user manual to clarify the value of this code.
Wait until the automatic reboot of the mobile phone. Check the stability of the device and re-run configure.
Use service code reset phone settings, if you for any reason are unable to access its options. This method allows you to reset the device without entering the security code. Dial *#7370# and press "Call".
Remember that running this command will erase the phone memory. If you store contacts on the SIM card, in advance, create a backup of the phone book.
Before executing this command remove the flash drive and sim card. This will protect these devices from accidental cleaning.
In that case, when you want to clear the memory of the mobile phone that is not enabled, use Nokia Phoenix. It is designed to replace the firmware of the mobile device.
After the launch of Nokia Phoenix to select the operating mode Dead Mode. Download from official website file firmware. Use the firmware that is installed in the device at the moment.
Press Flash, choose downloaded file and wait for the Nokia Phoenix.

Advice 4 : How to clean USB drive from viruses

Today, there are a large number of devices designed for the collection and storage of information: already leaving in the past floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and various removable media drives. One such device is a removable USB flash drive or simply USB flash drive. Like any other device connected to personal computer, flash drives are prone to infection by computer virus, mi. Malware comes on a USB flash drive during recording, an infected file. As a result, the risk of infecting other computers or devices to which you plan to connect your infected USB flash drive
flash drive and computer mouse
To clean the drive from viruses you can, connecting it to any computer that has antivirus software. First, make sure that the period of license of anti-virus installed on your computer, not expired.
Antivirus program is necessary to keep up to date, because computer viruses modifierade almost weekly, with an enviable regularity there are new viruses. If your antivirus program have not been updated, it may not recognize the virus.
Connect the flash drive to the computer using a special cable or the USB port on the front or back panel of the system unit. Depending on the settings, the antivirus program can start checking any new hardware without requiring user commands.
Wait a few seconds, it is possible that your antivirus itself will start checking the stick. If not, allow the antivirus command to check the drive and clean it from viruses. The easiest way to do this: open "My computer", click right mouse button on the icon of the flash drive and select "scan selected files with..." followed by the name of antivirus program installed on your computer.
During the test, you have two options cleaning stick: either the antivirus is configured so that it will remove all discovered viruses, or it will report the detected viruses and query user commands. To clean the stick, click "Remove" or "Cure" in both cases, the flash drive will be cleared.
After the virus got on the stick, it writes a special file and then when flash drive is opened on a new computer, it is activated. As a rule, action of this virus find your antivirus program and neutralize it, as a result deteriorates the file responsible for launching the stick, and as a consequence it won't open. You definitely need to cure "do not open” the flash drive from viruses.
Useful advice
Here we look at how to get rid of virus Autorun.inf, how to remove it from the stick and to protect the flash drive against viruses without using antivirus programs. Let's start with the theory. Sticking a flash drive in someone else's infected computer, you are likely to infect the thumb drive. When you connect this infected USB drive to another computer Autorun.inf will do the job and install a virus on your computer. And so many, many times if you fail to cure the stick.

Advice 5 : How to format a protected USB flash drive

Flash nakpil – a handy little device that allows you to store any information. But when connected to different computers on the flash drive can get a virus which you cannot remove, even with formatting.
How to format a protected USB flash drive
You will need
  • - flash drive;
  • computer;
  • utility AlcorMP.
If you format the flash drive by standard methods does not work, check whether it is a small switch that protects it from the record. Very often he is the cause of the impossibility of formatting. If it exists, switch it to record mode and try to hold the formatting process again.
If not, download from the Internet a special utility allowing to format devices. The most popular: AlcorMP, Repair Apacer, JetFlash mFormat, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, HDDScan, UStorage, Transcend and other Tools. The most current of them is the utility AlcorMP.
Install the utility on your computer according to the proposed program action. After installation insert the flash drive into your computer and run the utility.
In the list that appears, select your pendrive and click Start in the ensuing window. This will start the formatting process, after which you will need to click "OK".
Formatting is very important to specify the desired USB flash drive, otherwise, you may lose all existing data on any other specified device. It is best to disconnect all other drives before you run the utility for formatting.
If you want you can change the program settings by going to the utilities menu and selecting the options you want.
Upon completion of the formatting process with the stick would be removed not only viruses, but all the information. Therefore, before formatting, copy all the desired data.
Use purified flash drive for further information.
If you format the device where the utility is installed did not work, try using the same way other utilities. One of them will fit.
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