Removal of information

Connect the flash drive to the computer.

Go to "My computer" then removable media.

Select all the files with the left mouse button, or press ctrl+A.

Hit "Delete" on the keyboard.
PC is not actually erased your files, and mark them for yourself remote. Mean the flash drive is empty, but the files can be recovered with special programs.
The result described in the first case will lead the rapid formatting that can be done thus:

go to "My computer".

Then right-click on the image of the stick.

In the menu that appears select "format".

Tick "Fast".

Press "Start".

The program will ask: "Warning, all data will be deleted, continue formatting?".

Click "Yes".
For deep cleaning of drives, select "Full" in the formatter. All other steps are the same with a quick format.

This method will delete all the files, but in a specialized service center, their recovery still remains possible.
If you want to delete the contents of removable media without the possibility of recovery, even experts, use the special cleanup utility pendrive or after formatting fill its entire volume of extraneous files, such as music, and then re-format.