You will need
  • - flash drive;
  • computer;
  • utility AlcorMP.
If you format the flash drive by standard methods does not work, check whether it is a small switch that protects it from the record. Very often he is the cause of the impossibility of formatting. If it exists, switch it to record mode and try to hold the formatting process again.
If not, download from the Internet a special utility allowing to format devices. The most popular: AlcorMP, Repair Apacer, JetFlash mFormat, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, HDDScan, UStorage, Transcend and other Tools. The most current of them is the utility AlcorMP.
Install the utility on your computer according to the proposed program action. After installation insert the flash drive into your computer and run the utility.
In the list that appears, select your pendrive and click Start in the ensuing window. This will start the formatting process, after which you will need to click "OK".
Formatting is very important to specify the desired USB flash drive, otherwise, you may lose all existing data on any other specified device. It is best to disconnect all other drives before you run the utility for formatting.
If you want you can change the program settings by going to the utilities menu and selecting the options you want.
Upon completion of the formatting process with the stick would be removed not only viruses, but all the information. Therefore, before formatting, copy all the desired data.
Use purified flash drive for further information.
If you format the device where the utility is installed did not work, try using the same way other utilities. One of them will fit.