You will need
  • Windows 7 drive.
To bypass this protection there is no difficulty. First, when working in the DOS environment, this function generally turns off automatically. Secondly, there are special programs that let you format any hard drives. Thirdly, before formatting this feature can be disabled even in cases if it is not activated you.
The function of protecting files, folders and entire partitions of hard disks are actively used by the operating system Windows Seven. Sometimes there are situations in which you are unable to access their own files after reinstalling the OS. Most often this happens when you use a different user name.
In such cases it is necessary to change the owner of directory or hard disk partition. Click on "My computer" and navigate to the properties of the local disk you want to format. Go to the tab "Security". At the bottom of the window that appears, locate the "Advanced" button and click it.
Go to the tab "Owner" and click "Edit". Select the account that you are currently using, select the checkbox next to "Replace owner on containers and objects". Click "Apply". Wait until the operation completes. Note: for a successful change of ownership of the local disk, you must use an account that has administrator rights.
If you do not wish to change the owner of the partition, then format the disk using Windows 7 installation disc. Insert it into the drive and run the setup program.
Click "advanced restore options". Go to "Command prompt". Type the command Format D: where D is the letter of the partition you want to format. Restart the computer after the formatting process.