Of course, all who have this problem want to get rid of it. To remove vascular asterisks on a face, you need to follow the following tips:
Take care to protect their skin from extreme temperatures. In the winter, before you go out in the cold, wait 3 minutes at the entrance. There the temperature is lower than in the flat, but higher than atthe face. Allow the skin to prepare for the fact that you go in the cold.
Exclude from the diet of too hot food, alcohol and cigarettes. All of these factors encourage expansion of blood vessels, and therefore, instead of disappearing, vascular asterisks will only grow in size.
Eliminate the influence of ultraviolet radiation, as this may lead to the formation of new vascular asterisks. Those that are already under the influence of ultraviolet radiation increase.
Use special medical tools that help to remove vascular asterisks on a face.
Follow the hygiene of the face. Use all the beauty tools op care for the skin only from one manufacturer. Your main task is not only get rid of spider veins and strengthen blood vessels. If you do not, then just a few weeks rosacea again remind about yourself.
To strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce their fragility, eat vitamin P, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
Saturate your body with vitamin K and ascorbic acid. These two components have excellent vasoconstrictor effect.
Buy only those creams that contain vitamins K, C and R. They narrow the blood vessels, and therefore, vascular mesh will gradually decrease.