You will need
  • Nail tips, glue, tools for manicure, nail antiseptic, nail grinding, nail Polish.
The most important factor in self-nail extensions using nail tips is the condition of nails. They have to be prepared for the artificial nail extension. The free edge of the nail should be given a form suitable for artificial nails, and the surface should be sanded.
After the nails will acquire the right shape, they need to be degreased and treated with a disinfectant.
Next, you need to choose the right size nail for each finger. If desired, the sides of the artificial nail can be cut to make them look more natural.
Then, pushing the stick to the hair and should be applied to the entire surface of the nail plate special glue. Also, it is applied to the inside of the artificial nail. The consistency of the glue depends on the structure of the natural nail.
Start to glue the tips you need from the free edge of the nail, slowly pushing them to the cuticle. Then you need to align the overlay and firmly press the artificial nail to the natural. It is important that when the bonding between the nails and tips were not air bubbles, or to stick artificial nails are bad.
The next step is to shorten tips. Do not just crop them to the required length, it is better to leave them slightly longer. Because in the process of sawing and shape too it is possible to shorten the nail.
The boundary between natural and artificial nail should be gently and thoroughly sanded.