For convenience, all newts present within the tonality, in our case C major. Since the key it has no marks, it will be easier to focus on the intervals.
In natural major tritons are built in the fourth stage ("f" - "C" - increased quart) and seventh (C - f - diminished fifth). Please note: the second Triton is the appeal of the first. The rest of the tritons are arranged in pairs, on the same principle (treatment).
In the harmonic major is formed, an additional pair of tritons at the sixth low-level ("a-flat" - "d" - increased quart) and the second ("re" - "a flat" - diminished fifth). In the melodic and added a pair in the seventh lowered ("b flat" - "e" - increased quart) and third ("mi" - b flat - diminished fifth).
In the double-harmonic major goes down the second stage. Thus, the second pair of tritons is replaced by the pair from the second low ("d flat" - "salt" - increased quart) and fifth ("g" - "d flat").
Tritons minor build in the key of a minor (parallel to the major tonality, also does not have characters). The first couple of newts (natural minor) is built on the sixth (f - C is increased quart) and second stages (C - f - diminished fifth). Note: this same couple is found in C major, but the steps are different numbering. In other words, this newt is common for parallel keys.
In harmonic minor another pair of tritons is based on the fourth and seventh higher ("d" - "g sharp" - increased a quart and its inverse "g-sharp" - "re" - diminished fifth). Remember: in natural major Triton is built on these steps.
In the melodic minor, there is an additional pair of tritons in the third and sixth steps ("to" - "f-sharp" increased Quarta circulation "f-sharp" - "to" - diminished fifth).
In the double harmonic minor pair at the fourth and seventh steps is replaced by a pair at the fourth high ("re-sharp" - "La" - diminished fifth) and the first ("a" - "d-sharp" - increased quart).
In other tonalities build tritons of the steps mentioned in the article. Focus on the key signs and marks identifying the type a Lada.