You will need
  • - tutorial;
  • - ROM lessons;
  • movies, Newspapers, books in the Chinese language.
To start to define what it means for you to learn Chinese language. Why you need to own it? You're going to live in China or just go on a trip? Want to read in the original of Confucius or correspond? On what task you put in front of him, will depend on the outcome of self-study language. Setting the inflated strap, you run the risk of painting itself into a dead end. Remember that you can not quickly learn how to speak perfectly in a foreign language, and Chinese is no exception.
Without special training literature you can not do. Purchase in the bookstore or order on the Internet tutorials and books on Chinese language. All of them are designed not only to different methods, and on different levels of learning language. You can choose according to your taste, based on your abilities and goals.
A good help in mastering the language ofω will be CDs with lessons. They will help in mastering the phonetics of the language. In the Chinese languagee some of the sounds are significantly different from Russian, others have these shades, which are not in our language ofwords, the better you will be able to learn, the less accent you have.
In the study of the hieroglyphs you can help the website It is possible to train in their writing. In the event your computer has an error kindly correct it and if necessary prompt how to spell that or another character, say it and even will find the one that you're having difficulties. On this website you need to register. Then, in your account you can set your desired level of difficulty learning, and statistics to see your progress.
Use in studying Chinese movies without translation, with Russian subtitles. This is a great educational material which can be used to learn to understand when and under what circumstances should use one or the other character. In addition, you can add variety to the learning process, to understand the vocabulary and to practice once again the correct pronunciation. Start viewing simple movies, where the meaning of the dialogues of the characters are clear and simple.
Read the literature on the Chinese languagee, armed with a dictionary. Start with simple books for children. Through reading and translation, you greatly enrich their own vocabulary.
In the study of languageas it is crucial in intercultural communication. Start using social network friendly correspondence with the native Chinese. You will be able to master writing skills, which is important in learning language. Start to study the history of China. So you learn not only interesting historical facts and a lot of fun, but also be able to dive deeper into studying the language.
Language environment is a great practice. If possible, travel to China.