Puppies Chihuahua up to 5-6 months, it is better not to bathe. If during the walk the puppy dirty paws, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The first vaccination puppy at 2-3 months, then repeat the vaccination every year. After vaccination, you should wait three weeks and then the dog can be washed.
The dog unit is no consensus on how often to wash a Chihuahua. Some suggest to do it not more often than once in 3-4 months, some allow monthly procedure swimming. It is assumed that too frequent washing of wool contributes to the fact that it leaches the natural fat protective film and the coat becomes dull, dry and brittle, additionally, the dog may appear dandruff.
In any case, for washing use special dog shampoos. Please pay special attention to the ears of the dog is not exposed to water, it can cause infection and inflammation of the ear canal. Before bathing remove a few small cotton balls and put them in the dog's ears.
The air temperature in the bathroom should be high enough that the dog does not freeze below 24 degrees. The water temperature is 35-36 degrees. Water can collect in the sink, the dog is quite fit in it.
Pre-soaking the wool, watering the dog out of the scoop, apply all over the body, tail and ears the shampoo. On legs and belly a bit. Lather the coat and then rinse the shampoo, pouring a dog from a bucket or the shower. Immediately wrap her in a towel. Cotton swabs can be removed.
Gently and carefully wipe the body, tail, legs and head. You can dry the wet hair hair dryer, just make sure the air was not hot. Do not tumble dry the dog's coat with a dryer, but will not perekladi the dog, if the air is too cold.
Wipe the ear canals of a dog with a special spray for the ear, applied to a cotton swab. Eyes can be treated and wipe the fur around them with a special tool or just a damp tea bag is brewed green tea. Once a month it is necessary to trim the claws, which chiahuahua almost not worn down naturally.