Inspect the dog, if you notice gray hair in the chin and lips, most likely she has already crossed the 7 year mark. Note that the gray with the years also extends to the forehead and the whole face of the dog.
как определить возраст собаки
Pay attention to the eyes, they fall with the ageof th seem to be deeply planted, the back is soft, and his stomach drops. Look at the wool, old dogs it dull and disheveled, young – smooth and silky.
узнать сколько месяцев щенку
The most reliable way to know the age Dachshund – examine her teeth. Closer to the night when the dog is tired and will be sleepy and well-fed mood, slowly walk up to her and open your lips to see the teeth, unclench your jaw. Try not to touch nose, dogs do not like it. After inspection, remember to give the Dachshund a treat, so he associated it with something pleasant.
как определить возраст спаниеля
Let's see how many dogs teeth, a healthy, normal rate in the year has all permanent teeth, they still fresh, brilliant and white. In the period from 18 months to 2 years will be erased bottom hooks, two and a half years, you notice that erased the middle incisors of the lower jaw, please note, in this age, e, the teeth become more dull and not as shiny.
как определить какой породы собака
Try to determine the age of fangs. in 5 years they wear out and become blunt, to 6 years they are covered with Tartar at the base and turn yellow, and in 7-8 years canines fees are already quite blunt, yellow and sdavlenie laterally.
как узнать попугай мальчик или девочка
If you see that the hooks of the lower jaw took back the oval form, boldly concludes that the dog is over 7 years old. Note that the same form take the lower middle incisors of 8-9 years, and the hooks of the upper jaw – in 9-10 years.
Remember that the teeth of dogs start to fall from 10-12 years. In this ageof e the dog is likely to not can be a producer, vision and hearing weaken.