Damage of the meniscus in the knee a sharp pain diffuse nature. After some time the pain is localized from the inside or outside of the knee joint. It depends on which meniscus is damaged, lateral or medial. Movements become limited. A man's leg is easier to keep in a bent position, straightening of the knee joint causes severe pain. The joint begins to increase in volume. In this case, you need to immediately begin treatment.
Treatment depends on the nature of the injury, the severity of the damage. The first thing to eliminate pain syndrome. Then determine what treatment should be taken. Operative treatment is indicated if the meniscus is completely lost, got crushed or suffered a displacement and rupture.
At the time of diagnosis, in the joint detected by the loose fragment, which causes inflammation and jamming of the joint. In the joint cavity hemorrhage occurs. In these cases, the knee joint required surgical intervention. The essence of the operation consists in stitching the damaged portion or the complete removal of the meniscus of the knee joint. In some cases it is possible to install an artificial implant.
Drug therapy is assigned only if the rupture or tear is small. It is the prescription drugs that have a beneficial effect on cartilage tissue and promote rapid healing of the meniscus.
Also prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, a complex of vitamins A, C and E. For the entire period of treatment of damaged meniscus bandage plaster or knee pad, which the patient wears for about two weeks.
While the diagnosis and proper treatment will help restore the knee to its former condition and avoid complications.