Symptoms of minisite knee joint

Menisci is manifested in a jamming of the meniscus surfaces of the joints when performing vigorous exercise. The person feels severe pain. Then there is swelling as a protective reaction of organism on damage. After the gradual disappearance of edema of the elements of the knee joint is in position, and the person can go back to sports. However, in some physiological characteristics, numerous injuries, the patient develops the chronic form of the disease, aching pain become permanent. They change only its intensity. Menisci untreated leads to osteoarthritis of the knee.

Minisite preceded by pain in the joint when walking, in flexion-extension legs. In the affected joint is often crunching. For an accurate diagnosis is required to pass the examination: x-rays of the affected area, magnetic resonance or computed tomography, sometimes arthroscopy.

Treatment of minisite knee joint

As the treatment is assigned to the operation or conservative therapy in the form of a continuous tight bandaging, massage, medical gymnastics. Previously held the complete removal of the damaged meniscus, but now the doctors are trying to preserve and remove only the damaged part. If the cause of minisite is arthritis, the patient is prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy. You need a proper diet, getting rid of excess weight, the organization of a balanced training regime. Diet and weight loss plays an important role in the treatment of minisite and warning other joint diseases, since high loads on knee joints, even in normal household conditions are not less harmful than physical activity in the gym.

In coordination with the physician using traditional remedies for the treatment of minisite. It is recommended to apply at night to the affected joint cold or hot compresses, the use of folk remedies in the form of ointments and lotions. When minisite will be a useful infusion of the roots of elecampane. To prepare 50 g of material to pour 125 grams of vodka, put in a dark place and infuse for 2 weeks. After that, the tincture used for rubbing the knee. At night you can do a hot compress. For this 5-6 tablespoons of oatmeal, brewed with boiling water, a little cool, put on a layer of cotton fabric and is wrapped around the patient's joint. Top dressing wrapped in cling film and tie with a warm material.