An appeal is a written statement of the applicant or graduate of the violation of the procedure of the exam, which led to exhibited unfair assessment. During the appeal, verified by how adequately to assess the applicant's answers. Many people think that the appeal gives you the opportunity to fix something or finish. In fact, the appeal is not re-examination, but it is the right of everyone entering.
For filing an appeal should come before the appeals Commission within the deadline. They need to write a statement of disagreement with the results of the exam and then attend the examination. To appeal, the applicant must personally. To attend the consideration of the application can also parents (or guardians) if the applicant is under 18 years of age. When writing an application, you must have a passport and an examination leaf.
The appeals Commission consists of teachers of various specialties relevant to the examination subject. During the verification the appeals Board considers the errors coming, explains them to him. If student work has been assessed correctly, the claim of the applicant rejected. Otherwise, change the score for the work. However, it can be both above and below the initially displayed.
If the graduate school does not agree with the results of the exam, his work examines the mediation of the region, which is home to the future student. The Commission considers appeals of not only the results of the exam, but by order of the meeting. In the latter case, it is served immediately after the exam. For this subject you need to write an application in two copies, one of them transfer to the representative of the certification Commission, which is the conclusion and transmits it to the conflict Committee of the region.
If a conflict Commission when reviewing the case found the facts described in the statement, the results of the work of the graduate will be void, and he is assigned to retaking the exam. Appeal of exam results is also a conflict Commission. The procedure is the same as in the appellate Committee of the University.