Start to moisturize and nourish hair from the inside out. Insufficient quantity consumed per day of fluid affects the condition of hair. Daily dose of clean water per day for a healthy person is 2 liters, With such a rate of fluid cells of the skin and the hair will get enough moisture from the inside.
Nourish your hair with masks. Finished masks can be purchased at the store. They are easy to apply, have a pleasant smell. They are applied on clean, damp strands of hair for 5-10 minutes, then carefully wash off with water. Buy only those nourishing products that suit your hair type. Don't keep them on my head longer than the specified time, otherwise they can aggravate the hair structure.
Another way to give the curls a beauty and silkiness to feed them with homemade masks. One of the most popular homemade masks - clay. White clay, in addition to food, is struggling with the problem of hair loss, make stronger brittle hair. Green and yellow are struggling with dandruff. Blue clay cleanses and hydrates dry strands.Clay buy at the pharmacy and make a mask out of it, according to the instructions on the package. After using clay masks hair will delight you with well-groomed appearance, fluffiness and volume.
Nourish your hair with cosmetic oils: apricot, peach, grape seed, almond, burdock, etc. In oil, you can add other natural ingredients suitable for your hair type: cognac, egg yolk, onion juice, herbal teas. Oil softens the hair and nourishes them with moisture and nutrients. To feel the effect of these masks, you should do them regularly once a week throughout the month. Then take a break and go to a different course of nutrient treatments.
Treated hair using rubbing into the hair roots decoction of medicinal herbs: plantain, chamomile, sage, oregano, St. John's wort. You can RUB a decoction of the roots daily, and you can do it on the basis of a mask, soak in it a piece of black bread.