You will need
  • - wooden or ceramic comb;
  • - shampoo and conditioner for dry hair;
  • - burdock, castor or olive oil.
Cause of dryness and hair breakage is only in rare cases is a congenital anomaly of their structure. Most often this condition is caused by negative external factors or by internal disorders. Therefore, to cure dry and brittle hair be sure to consult a doctor trichologist. After talking with you and conducting additional diagnostic tests, the doctor will determine the cause of the problem in your specific case.
Among the diseases leading to dryness and brittle hair include anemia, disease of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic renal failure, tuberculosis. Also negatively affect the hair condition foci of chronic infection - caries, inflammation of the tonsils, infected with parasites. Start treating dry and brittle hair with medical correction of the underlying disease causing problems with the hair. Methods of treatment and purpose of the relevant vitamin products should help you choose a doctor.
Sometimes that dryness and hair breakage not associated with diseases of internal organs, and is due only to the particular way of life. In this case, try to limit the influence of harmful factors deteriorating the condition of the hair. First and foremost, pay attention to diet: it must contain plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables. Diet during treatment are inappropriate. Drink more liquid (preferably mineral water). Do not abuse alcohol and coffee, stop Smoking.
Dry and brittle hair needs to be protected from direct sunlight. To care for your curls use a wooden or ceramic combs with natural bristles that will not damage the hair structure. Also, limit the use of Hairdryer or at least turn it on the lowest heat. But from irons, ploek, hair iron it is better to refuse at all.
Use a shampoo designed for your hair type, and don't forget about air-conditioners and balms. Most conditioners contain wax, which protects the hair and improves their appearance.
At home in the treatment of dry and brittle hair helps the scalp massage with warmed to body temperature oils - burdock, castor, linseed, olive. This procedure is performed after washing the hair. RUB the oil into the scalp with a cotton swab, leave for exposure for 3-4 hours. Rinse out oil with baby soap, and after cleaning, rinse the hair acidified with vinegar water.
To care for dry hair ends is recommended hot scissors haircut in which the hair are sealed and ceases to split.